Terms of Use of the Donation Tool – PayPal Payment Gateway

Online donation payment via the PayPal payment gateway – information for Donors (terms of use)

This information is issued by Desire to HelpChuť pomáhat lidem, z.s., with its registered office at Czech Republic, Pavlovská 506/20, Kohoutovice, 623 00 Brno, Id. No.: 04254066 (hereinafter “Desire to Help”), the beneficiary of the donations made via the PayPal payment gateway.


PayPal Payment Gateway

The PayPal system is an online payment gateway through which funds are transferred via the Internet (online) from the Donor’s account to the account of Desire to Help (Chuť pomáhat lidem z.s.) using the Payer’s payment card or other payment method. Desire to Help uses the PayPal system as one of the means to raise funds for its publicly beneficial non-profit activities.



The PayPal system is a secure encrypted system, no third party will have access to the Payer’s (Donor’s) personal data or to confidential information concerning the Payer’s (Donor’s) bank account information, login details and payment card information. All information is transmitted through secured data channels. 

Making a Donation, Concluding an Agreement

Through the PayPal payment gateway, the Donor enters into a donation agreement with Desire to Help within the meaning of the provisions of Section 2055 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012, the Civil Code (hereinafter the “Civil Code”). The Agreement is concluded after entering the identification and payment details (name and surname, amount of donation, email address of the Payer (Donor) and the identification details of the Payer’s payment card) upon confirming the payment (by clicking the “Pay” button in the PayPal system, i.e. upon expressing the Donor’s will to donate the relevant amount) – Desire to Help hereby explicitly accepts all donations made to it via the PayPal system. Since the transfer of funds is made immediately upon the Donor’s approval of the payment, the donation agreement need not be executed in writing. An analogous situation arises when choosing “transfer to the Desire to Help account” as the method of payment; although the funds are not transferred instantly, the Donor expresses his/her willingness to donate the relevant amount of money by entering the details and the amount of the donation.

By making a donation, the Donor simultaneously confirms that s/he makes the donation in accordance with Terms and Conditions which s/he has read and accepted. The Donor thereby also confirms that all data s/he has provided is true and s/he is the Donor entitled to receive a donation certificate for tax purposes.

By making the donation, the Donor also declares that the provided funds come from legal sources.

The Donor is aware that making the donation does not give rise to any rights to use trademarks, trade names, company logos or other items of intellectual or industrial property of Desire to Help – Chuť pomáhat lidem, z.s. on the part of the Donor.


Confirmation of Donation

The Donor may deduct the value of the donation from his/her tax base provided that the conditions stipulated in Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on Income Taxes, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Income Tax Act”) are met. We are happy to issue the donation certificate.


Financial Donation

The purpose of the financial donation is determined by the purpose for which the donation was made, i.e. to support the activities of Desire to Help. The purpose is always specified on the website used to access the PayPal system. The Donor does not pay any other fees for the use of the PayPal system – the donation amount is the final amount deducted from his/her account.


Regular Financial Donation using a Payment Card

If the Donor chooses to make a regular monthly donation using a payment card, the selected fixed amount will be automatically deducted once a month. The Donor chooses the number of months s/he for which s/he wishes to send the money. The maximum total donated amount equals the selected amount multiplied by the number of months.

The Donor will be notified by email immediately after the regular payment has been set up.

If the Donor wishes to terminate the regular monthly financial donation, the s/he may do so at any time by sending the request to the following address: info@chutpomahat.cz


Personal Data

We process your data respectfully, confidentially and securely. If you make a donation, we will use your data exclusively for the purpose of donor service (to thank them, inform them about the progress of the Chuť pomáhat projects – newsletter, administration of donation certificate for tax purposes, etc.) You can read more about our data protection policy here.