teplo 2018 nahradni 

Duration of the project: every winter since 2015

Meaning of the project: to help unprovided
families in the war zone to survive the winter

Where is the project taking place:
Krasnohorovka – front line


Winter in Krasnohorovka is nothing easy. Most people stayed in the bombarded city with no way out of their situation. Elderly people, single mothers, orphans with grandmothers and homeless people. They have nowhere to go or escape, so they try as hard as they can to survive. They get some money from the state, but that is barely enough to buy them food. If they are very lucky, they are able to keep the temperature in the house up to 10°C (50°F) during the winter.

We are trying to change that. Each family is taken care of individually – sometimes they just need to be given a sharp saw, sometimes it is important to get a mason to fix a furnace. However, the biggest help is when we can give them some wood. It is not possible for the people in the city to get the wood themselves, as the fields and forests are full of mines.

By donating, you help us buy wood or other needed tools.
Together we save about 50 families from freezing to death every year.


You can donate to:

  • get a sharp saw or an axe (250Kč)
  • keep them warm for a month (900 Kč)
  • get a stove - „buržujka“ (2 800 Kč)
  • get enough wood for the whole winter (5 300 Kč)
  • or any other amount of money, that can help us with the project

You can donate to 2300849910 / 2010 using the variable symbol 0002.
To find out more about the financial support and how we use your donation, click here.

Thank you for making this possible!

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