Desire to Help is a small voluntary non-profit organization,
focused on social, material, and spiritual assistance to people in the combat zone of Eastern Ukraine.

Our association was set up in 2015 in response to the war suffering of the Donbass population.
Active fighting in the area continues to this day (2014 - ???) and there are still people who need our help...


How does our organization work?
The main engine of the projects is Michal "Kody" Kislicki, who decided to live in Donbass with his family. In the Czech Republic, Standa Červený and Petr "Tudy" Holubář are his administrative staff.

The team also includes dozens of Czech volunteers. They come to help with individual projects at the front as well as with the promotion of our activities throughout the Czech Republic. We also organize volunteer courses for them.

The team of Donors helps with the financial security of our projects, and the result is dozens of front-line families to whom we can help find their way out of their hard-to-solve situation.



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